The Accuracy Of Keyword Research Tools

Everyone knows how important it is to get your website ranked near the top results on Google. However, not everyone knows the importance of selecting right keywords. Every single business owner who wants to select best set of keywords either goes to Google Keyword Research Tool or any other similar keyword research tool such as word-tracker.

However, there are various parameters which are not explained in Keyword Research Tool. Take for example, there is one particular keyword “ABC Services”. Now this ABC services are offered by 1000 websites all across USA. Each of these website owners want to get their website ranked near the top results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

questioningThese website owners will keep optimizing their websites for top results until one day they realize that they are not generating enough queries/sales as they had expected. What are the reasons behind this low turnout of traffic/sales? Several of these questions pop-up in the mind of business owners. In the end, they feel like SEO optimization/marketing has lost its sheen. However, the truth is that these clients started-off with right set of keywords, but instead these keywords did not churn-out the level of traffic/sales they were expecting.

There are several reasons behind this unexpected behavior for few keywords. Some of the reasons are listed below:-

  1. Inaccurate Keyword Research Data – Keyword Research Tool will show you traffic (Global Monthly Search) for keywords which are being searched by (1) Search Engine Users as well as (2) Marketing Companies which keep a close watch on rankings for those particular keywords. Marketing firms keep a close watch on the rankings of their client’s websites for their specific keywords.
  2. Domain Knowledge – Most of the Marketing companies spend little time understanding the business they are promoting. Domain knowledge is the key to success when you are planning to market your business. Your client might be a novice in SEO, but he/she posses a level of domain knowledge which will help you select best set of keywords.
  3. Local Traffic Data – Most of the keyword research tools do not give any information on the traffic emerging from one particular area/region/state. Take for example, if you are planning to optimize your website for keywords specific to New York search engine users, then you wont get this localized search data anywhere.

What are the best options available?

  • C or Pay Per Click can help you see and experience real-time traffic stats and conversions. You can immediately start picking up right keywords and can easily omit keywords which do not live upto your expections after 1-2 Months. Once you are sure about the keywords, only then you should start the actual SEO optimization.
  • Do not rely 100% on the Keyword Research Tools. Instead, use your domain knowledge and experience. If you do not posses adequate domain knowledge then you can always ask your client for advice. I am sure it will help you focus on right set of keywords and to generate more quality links and leads for your client’s website.

These two techniques which can help you pick best keywords for your website. Once your website is optimized for the right set of keywords, you will generate quality traffic, sales and conversions. On the other hand, if you end up optimizing your website for wrong set of keywords, you will surely end up wasting both your time and money on Search Engine Optimization.

It is always a good idea to test your keywords before you actually start surfing into the SEO waves.

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5 steps by Which Webinars Outsmart eBooks in Content Marketing

Diverse content layouts are super effective for varying phases of any conversation funnel; its actually the utmost available marketer’s technique to give quality experience in marketing to the ideal audience members.

For the casa of the top-of-the-funnel (“TOFU”) marketing of content, blog posts as well as the social media activities play a big role. However, in the second step, the middle of the funnel (“MOFU”) is when the audience gets prepared to begin leaning concerning the particulars of your solution, articles may not manage to cut it. Recently, eBooks have proven to be the go-to format for relatively long and deep content marketing. This is logical. Most times, e Books are really shared among people and hence are thought to play a great role, in creating a great reputation for the expected leadership.

ebookHowever, just like most of the other web contents, eBooks are by no means perfect. They happen to be skimmed something that makes them leave out voluminous quality content that would have caused a great investment. Nevertheless, there are a number of upsides associated with the use of interactive videos as well as webinars. These are known to reinforce a super strong information level meant for the fundamentals. This s achieved through the way that most customers prefer in use of visual aids, demonstration, interactive and by use of videos.

Though the webinars are known to be among the greatest in effective digital marketing, just 62% of the B2B marketers have managed to host webinars. This is following the content marketing institute. May be it is the most ideal moment to scrutinize the value of the webinars in comparison to eBooks as a recommendable tool of MOFU. The following are five properties of webinars making them way better than eBooks.

  1. More Real Time Interaction conversations

It is super easy for stuff like social posts, phone calls and emails to be ignored. The same is likely to happen for eBooks. A marketer will hardly want to be placed as among the piles to be dealt with much later. On the other hand, the people that join webinar are most likely to pay the necessary attention.

Any time people cross points, work together and provide feedback, they begin to have the feeling of being invested in as the progress continues. Among the top most secrets that have made webinars to be super powerful is their robust emotional connection that they create with the participants. This nearly makes these participants to be among their customers. Additionally, this provides a valuable insight for the presenters that are involved and to the entire customer audience.

  1. It is more attractive to commit to

In the current digital era, it is common for majority of the masses to be super busy. There is hardly anyone who has time or thinks they have time to give an ebook the necessary attention from beginning to end. Even more robust as compared to our overloaded schedule is the awe-inspiring feeling that has proven pervasive right from our cultural origin. The worst bit is that some people may view a simple task of downloading an eBook super big deal.

Actually, contrary to the popular perception, it takes a lesser duration to read an eBook than it takes to visit a webinar. Needless to say, an eBook is likely to greatly confuse the readers as they go through the ques. This is unheard in webinars thus it leaves everyone with all smiles. This includes the people that will hardly want any commitment.

  1. Better rates of completion 

Simply downloading an eBook does not guarantee the fact that one will have to even open it leave alone reading it. Take a short while with yourself and think of the number of eBooks that you have successfully managed to read concerning various products. Rather, how many unutilized eBooks are in your hard disk by now? It is hard to tell the difference as a marketing agent. It is super easy to keep track on the number of downloads. Nevertheless, no solution has been provided for monitoring the read eBooks data.

By use of webinars, there are possibilities, of people dropping out partially though very rare. However, one can easily tell when they do. This could be of great help when planning on the next presentation ideally. This is only possible when one has a professional grade webinar platform such as a click webinar by a group conversation platform such as the Google hangouts.

  1. More qualified guidelines

People may download eBooks with diverse reasons only better known to them rather than the ones the publisher had intended. This is mostly common in case the eBooks were posted on the social media in a big volume. It is also likely the valuable eBooks will communicate concerning the analysis of the industry as well as them highlighting the benefits of your given product.

Due to this, eBooks are so much likely to cause a production of massive poor quality leads abreast the high quality ones. Nevertheless, since the webinars are more specific to your product, it is likely for them to attract a lot of customers to your product.

  1. Super sophisticated Demos of the product

Regardless of the fact that eBooks may include the screenshots of a product, a brief discussion concerning the tools as well as advice on how to maximize on their utility, they have a wrong layout for displaying case   of the product demonstrations.

However, webinars are still a lot better in showing the walk-through tours as well as the leverage tools display from the start to the end. The Demo alone is an ideal opportunity that can be accredited for catapulting guides in the conversation channel.

Conceal your bases

At the end of the day, your digital strategy of marketing can be accredited for the success of both TOFU and MOFU needs of content. It is better when applying a healthy merge of formats. It causes positive brand awareness as well as a successful conversation channel. It’s wise using a content

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Getting The Best SEO Services For An Online Business

Having an online business is not enough, SEO services are still important in order to ensure the site gets visitors. Only with the use of search engine optimization can an online business reach the sales target that it has planned for itself. Unless the website is good with regards to search rankings, there is no way that it can reach its goals and the reason as to why it was actually started. With SEO, the website is optimized in such a way that it will not just rise in rankings but also to make it more visible online.

A website that is always gaining web visibility is assured that it is doing just right for itself. The tools used in optimizing the websites are effective when it comes to promoting the site and building the name of the business. Taking into mind that there are many other online businesses all in competition with one another, there is no option but to make sure that ones site does better than the rest. There are many sites that have had to deal with low rankings until they get the best SEO services. Afterwards, they’re able surpass their limitations and challenges and do better than they were doing before.

In order to get the best SEO services, you should follow some of the following steps.

Get the services from professionals

As much as there are many companies that deal with SEO, not all of them are fully capable of doing the job as well as is required. While speaking to an employee from Thunder Rank, they mentioned that there are some who perform the job. However, the sad thing is that even after months if paying, the client does not end up seeing any positive changes because many companies fail at being able to provide results. This shows that whatever they are doing is not working. Such situations don’t happen when a client hands the job to actual professionals. They also study ones target audience in order to build the site in such a way that it caters for those exact clients.

Selecting the right packages

Selecting the right packages involves looking into what the service company has to offer and choosing only the services that are going to cater to the needs at hand. The package is supposed to be comprehensive meaning that it is all encompassing. It should also be reasonably priced especially for those clients who are on a budget.

The company should offer specialized services

A company that does not provide specialized services is not going to be good enough when it comes to optimizing the website. This is because every website has special requirements and they don’t necessarily match to those of the others.

The company should employ the latest techniques

In SEO, technology changes by the day which is why a good company should constantly be on the lookout for newer and better technologies of optimizing their client’s websites.


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7 ‘Tips and Tricks’ in Facebook marketing that don’t in fact work

With over 1 billion users on Facebook, a number of people (most especially businesses) tend to go to great lengths to get the attention of even a fraction of those users. With strategic marketing strategies some Facebook Pages do actually experience a steady growth over time.

Unfortunately, many opt for the ‘easy’ way out which doesn’t really work to their benefit. A number of times a tip or trick that made one company go from rags to riches may not necessarily work for your brand or company. There are realistic ‘tips’ and there are those that are downright ridiculous! The trick is to know the difference before you lose some of your followers on Facebook.

It is better to take the time off to organically build your fan-base, something that requires a lot of patience instead of jumping from one tip or trick to the next in the hopes of making something big of your page.

A look at some ‘tips’ that you should steer clear of:

  1. Adding a link in the first comment
    Years ago rumor had it that adding a link to the first comments you make as opposed to including the link on the post itself would ensure that your chances of appearing in the News Feed would increase. The truth is photo updates take the front row with Facebook’s algorithm, more so in recent times. Some people may find it tedious to go looking for your link in the comments thus creating a bad user experience for them and potentially hurting your follower base. Imagine having thousands of followers, posting the link in the comments section only to have it swallowed up by the comments that follow. You will not be doing your business or followers any justice.
  2. Tweet to Facebook auto posts
    Syncing your Facebook and Tweeter account is all well and good but automatically having your posts cross over from Tweeter to Facebook may ultimately harm your Facebook presence. Yes, a lot of time and effort is saved in the auto-posting process; however, the two are totally different platforms with totally different user experiences. Your followers on Facebook may not appreciate tweet posts and vice versa simply because the posts tend to come in different formats.Take the time of to create specific posts to go on the different platforms and watch your fan-base grow gradually.
  3. Paying for followers or fans
    If you have the money, why not spend it on acquiring new followers or fans? Sure, you may get an instant increment in your followers or fans but is it really worth it? Are the followers you have acquired really interested in what you have to say? Are they really interested in your business, service or product? If all you want is a huge fan or follower-base then sure by all means go ahead and pay for them, but if you are serious in converting your followers, steer clear of the paying option.
  4. Inappropriately tagging people in your photos
    On Facebook, whenever you tag someone in your photo, he or she will automatically get a notification. You might think that you are getting people to notice your business or brand by randomly tagging them and yet you are really cutting down on your followers. Some people may not appreciate being tagged in photos that are not actually of them and if it is done once too often, they may actually get off your fan-wagon.
  5. Tagging other Brands
    Yes, with the latest Facebook News Feed algorithm, tagging other brands will actually mean a reward for you. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to tag other brands in each and every post that you make! Ideally, you should only do the tagging when what you have to share pertains to both audiences.
  6. Posting engagement- seeking posts
    Posts that bait followers to engage may be well and good but overdoing it may not serve the purpose you intend, especially if you wish to keep your followers interested, engaged and following you. An example could be posting something like: “We are offering four new wines today. Like if you prefer red wine. Share if you prefer white wine. Comment if you prefer both.”Much as such a post will indeed keep the audience engaged by liking, commenting or sharing, at the end of the day, that’s just about it for the business. With all the commenting, sharing or liking, if you are not getting any sales then such posts are really just for the fun of it. You will not be able to grow followers in the long run with this rick, much as you may notice some growth in the short run.
  7. Having a Hashtag attack
    When Hashtags made their way to Facebook, many users utilized them like they were going out of fashion! There is no need to put a hashtag on each and everything that you post on Facebook! In fact, it can get pretty annoying for your followers!Ultimately, what works for one company or individual may not work for you so care must be taken when embracing ‘Tips and tricks’ on Facebook.


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